Chris Martin is a commercial and lifestyle photographer specializing in portrait photography. Martin creates engaging images that strike the right balance between honesty and beauty. His clients range from television and movie productions like Up TV and Turner Broadcasting to community organizations like the Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

To his entertainment and mass-appeal clients, Chris brings options. He works with Art Directors on concept and delivers polished and sophisticated images that elevate them above others.

With a BA in Anthropology, Chris brings thoughtful images to all of his clients. Chris was taught to think and analyze and see what is around him. Not judge, just project. He loves differences and with all subjects he tries to allow who they are and what sets them apart to be evident to the viewer. “I want to figure out someone’s story and their relationship with those around them. To take a photo that allows the viewer to do the same.

Chris seeks visual challenges. Give him a conceptual goal that is open to interpretation. Allow him to interact with subjects to enable the concept to develop. And see the change into a more powerful image. “Whether it be a whimsical image or one that has a more serious undertone, you can’t take it too seriously at the end of the day.”

A native of New Jersey, Martin lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, two sons and a big dog named Fortune.