Jef Bredemeier’s intimate look into an Atlanta institution.

Like many of Atlanta’s iconic places, The Point, The Limelight, Turtle’s Records and Tapes, The Stein Club and The Cotton Club, the restaurant Dante’s Down the Hatch has been reduced to a memory. Artist Jef Bredemeier’s first documentary film provides an intimate look into the Atlanta institution that was open for almost 50 years.

A 13 year employee of Dante’s, Bredemeier used his unique access to provide a look into life in the restaurant and a profile of it’s flamboyant owner, Dante. Jef felt he should honor the generous and caring owner who welcomed countless visitors into an establishment that was as much a piece a him as it was a place to eat.

An artist of many mediums, Bredemeier has more recently begun to experiment with photography and light, expanding even further into video. His film is debuting at the Plaza Theater on March 29 for this years Atlanta Film Festival, garnering extreme interest. With a second viewing added on the last day of the festival, many are eager to remember the glory days of Dante’s Down the Hatch and raise a glass to the man who built it all.

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