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Glamping with kids

Glamping with kids is lounging in the water all day, eating s’mores at sunset, and fueling those creative juices with adventure. Being crafty ourselves with nothing but time at the campsite, we love to design. Here is what can happen with a little felt, yarn and glue. Nothing more handsome than a little man with […]

Camp DIY

If you are like us, it is that time of year again.  Summer camp registration.  A couple of years ago we gave into the scheduling gods and took it upon ourselves to find a camp that fit the dates we needed in the most convenient location, our backyard. We rallied our friends and neighbors and […]

Untied Shoes

When everyone is special, no one is. Isn’t that how the saying goes? I absolutely disagree. As individuals, these kids couldn’t be more unique. As a group, there are far too many untied shoes. From a parent’s perspective, these children may…or may not be…the shining apple of their eye. Some of these kids don’t live […]

Puppets on the BeltLine

Park Cofield & Co’s Art on the BeltLine Performance.  2010. Park is a theater director and in an effort to learn more about him and these beautiful puppets, I came across this awesome interview published in July, 2010 on ScoutMob.  This guy is cool, imaginative, and fun. See more Park Cofield & Co. BeltLine performances

Cardboard robots to the rescue

Have extra cardboard hanging around? If you don’t, these cardboard robots should inspire you to scavenge the neighborhood streets or the local liquor store for corrugated happiness. And while you are out, be sure to pick something up for yourself.


I may be a more of a fish myself, but for all of you land mammals out there, may you enjoy every mile. [The photographs in this gallery are taken from Atlanta BeltLine East Side Trail 10K and Southwest Trail 5K races, 2012 – 2015. Every year more brave runners join the races.] The Atlanta […]

Viva la France

VIVA LA FRANCE! I’m excited to have my image from an Atlanta Magazine assignment find new life on Ulyces, a new French digital publisher of narrative journalism. Author Charles Bethea’s piece on Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Director Vernon Keenan sounds even more impressive with a French accent.

Brann Dailor of Mastodon

Just another day hanging out with a hard rock drumming god in his house. And Brann Dailor of Mastodon is practically a neighbor. With a massive collection of eclectic artwork that rivals his own ink and an awesome Dalmation named Thriller, the highlight of the day was the incredible jam session. Thanks to Drum! Magazine […]

Flip book style video for Georgia State University

Flip book style video I shot for Atlanta Magazine’s Georgia College Guide.  It is featured in their iPad app edition, with the final frame being used in print.  Thanks Kristin Kellogg and Caroline Kilgore with Atlanta Magazine and Meg Buscema at Georgia State University for the help. (Source: http://www.atlantamagazine.com/)


Snowmageddon , Clusterflake, or Hothlanta 2014 has come and gone.  As people try to resume where they left off, some fun was had.  Nothing can beat the feeling of watching a 6 year old roar down a snowy hill on vintage Flexible Flyer!

Westside Trail plan revealed

The Atlanta BeltLine revealed its plans for the construction of the Westside Trail to the community this week. The trail will stretch from Washington Park to University Avenue and will include remediation, street access and the removal and rebuilding of the bridge at Martin Luther King Jr Drive which will create a walkable and safe […]

CEO Phil Kent stepping down

Turner Broadcasting CEO Phil Kent is stepping down at the beginning of 2014.  I first met Phil in 2009 when I stood on his boardroom table at CNN Center on assignment for Business Week magazine.  I have seen and photographed him multiple times over the years as he is on the Board of Directors for […]

Ted Turner

This is my first time re-blogging someone else’s blog post.  Hopefully I am doing it with some flare because it refers to 2 separate posts.  Thanks as always to AltPick for the love and support.  And yes my son is a handsome boy and Ted Turner is the man! Friday’s Picks Pics of the Week

Bike to school

I’m proud to have taken part in National Bike/Walk to School Day on May 8th.  We got kids out of their cars and brought the community out in support.   Thanks to SOPO Bicycle Cooperative, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Atlanta Contact Point, and all the volunteers for being involved.  Full bike racks mean healthy kids!

Trail running

Here are a few images from a test shoot with some trail runners.  The location worked out much better than expected and the light was great.  Think I need to style it up a bit more and try it again.  Thanks to Shelly and Greg for the time.

BeltLine Construction

I think all men are just big kids at heart.  Seeing big trucks and construction sites makes us all happy and are hard to pass up.  Shooting for the Atlanta BeltLine over the past few years has given me front row access to lots of cool big vehicles and rubble.  It doesn’t get much better […]

Another year, another magazine cover.  This is for the January 2013 cover of Atlanta Magazine’s “Top Schools” issue.  Thanks to Stephen, Kate, Kimani, Eric with Atlanta Magazine, and the administration and students at Norcross High School for making a potentially difficult shoot go smoothly.

Reclaming Timbers

crafts·man nounˈkraf(t)s-mən 1: a worker who practices a trade or handicraft 2: one who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially in the manual arts Nelms Creekmur built his workshop from reclaimed timbers, doors and windows.  He now makes useable pieces of art from metal using fire and a hammer in that space.  Craftsman.

Before the Trail

It’s the time of year for Art on The Atlanta BeltLine.  This year I am fortunate to be one of the contributing artists.  I installed six 2’x3’ images collectively titled “Before the Trail”.  These images were taken in May and June of 2008, well before much had happened along the East Side Trail.  Dedication for […]

1200 in the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade

The Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons put on another outrageous Lantern parade this weekend as a part of Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.  Participation was estimated at over 1200 people with a few hundred spectators spread out along the nearly completed East Side Trail.  This was easily one of the greatest moments in Atlanta for […]

Foxworthy a true pro

I recently took some shots of Jeff Foxworthy for his new show on the Game Show Network.  The man was extremely funny and a true pro.  The images were used for the key art and marketing and some others are on the shows website.   He even turned the camera on me.

Walk the field

Atlanta Braves games are always a good time, especially when shared with a group of kids.  On another Atlanta BeltLine Night, I was joined by my family and a group of friends and their kids.  We got to walk the field and take home a Chipper Jones bobble-head doll.  He didn’t disappoint by hitting 2 […]

Deadly shot

With the Olympics starting tonight (officially), athletes from around the world are prepping their A games.  In April, I photographed US Olympic trap shooter Josh Richmond at his practice range at Fort Benning.  Josh is a part of the US Army Marksmanship unit.  My photo ran in July’s Field & Stream’s Bullet Points section.  A […]

Fishing in Minnesota

Our family recently took a trip to Minnesota to remember a family member and to do a little fishing.  That was my first time in the area and I found it absolutely beautiful.  We were able to get out and see some sights in between fishing trips.  Here are a few out takes from our […]

Georgia State gets a football team

The NFL draft signals the beginning of football season and the start of a new future for many college players.  This year I was engrossed with the coverage because of the huge pool of talent.  A few years back I was able to photograph Georgia State University’s first batch of players for their inaugural season […]

Trayvon Marton’s death made an impact

The death of Trayvon Martin is an issue that many people have distinct opinions about, which is always a good thing as long as the conversations are positive.  In terms of young people, any conversation is a good thing.  I recently collaborated with my friend Phil McAdoo, Director of Diversity at Pace Academy in Atlanta, […]

APS Cheating scandal

As a parent, education is an important topic. There are lots of issues with this in the city of Atlanta.  One of the biggest was the supposed cheating on the CRCT testing in 2009.  Three old friends were assigned by the governor to investigate the issue and what they found astounded them.  I recently photographed […]

Best digital happy snap

A friend once said the best digital happy snap camera is one that you always have on you.  I have found that this is my iPhone.  It is always in my pocket and can be pulled out easily and takes remarkably great photos.  With the huge array of apps, the image results are endless.  Now […]

Octane rocks

Here are 2 test shots from a recent job for Atlanta Magazine.  The color image is Atlanta Magazine Design Director Eric Capossela and the black and white is my assistant Alex.  Thanks to Octane Coffee for letting me borrow a few chairs for props.  www.atlantamagazine.com www.octanecoffee.com

Key art for Gospel Music Channel

I’ve been lucky enough to start shooting some advertising for TV movies created by GMC TV.  The images are used in their advertising and as packaging for DVDs.  Last week they premiered a new movie called A Cross To Bear in Atlanta.  A large poster stood at the entrance to the theater and the red […]

Impersonating George Bush

Happy President’s Day everyone.  I recently did a job with the Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition and these are a few outtakes.  They had a George Bush impersonator, complete with secret service, who looked eerily the part.  But I guess that is the point. 

Juxtaposition of a defined structure

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to photograph these structures for the Atlanta BeltLine.  Georgia Tech students were installing these structures on three different spots on the BeltLine.  The juxtaposition of such a defined structure against a very natural, unrefined landscape is just beautiful.   I highly recommend you see them for yourself. […]

Surviving WWII veterans

The last World War I combat veteran died at the age of 110 recently.  I have been lucky enough to have met and photographed a few of our surviving World War II veterans over the past few years.  These men and women are absolutely incredible.  The stories they tell and energy they still have is […]

Hense on Arizona Ave

One of the most well known and respected street artists in Atlanta has just completed a commissioned piece in my ‘hood.  Hense covered 2 walls below the CSX/MARTA tracks along Arizona Ave.  I was able to get out there before any paint was put down and a few times during the process.  The finished piece […]

One of my favorite people

Atlanta INTown interviewed one of my favorite people in their February edition and included a few of my photos.  Angel Poventud, CSX train conductor and unofficial spokesman for all things Atlanta, spoke about his involvement and passion for the Atlanta BeltLine.  Angel has been keeping me up to date on happenings around the BeltLine and […]

Diversity at the table with Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was the featured guest at Pace Academy’s 2012 Diversity At The Table Event on Saturday then flew to Los Angeles on Sunday to receive a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy TV Series with the cast and crew of ABC’s “Modern Family.” Nice socks Phil!

Desgining healthy communities

Image Caption: Historic Fourth Ward Park on the Atlanta BeltLine.  The New York Times selected this image to accompany a review of the book Designing Healthy Communities written by Richard J. Jackson, published by Jossey-Bass.  This picture is also in the book. The review is titled “Communities Learn the Good Life Can Be a Killer” […]

Ground zero

While shooting for the BeltLine around the contsruction site for the new 4th Ward Park, I met a local.  She and Titan were walking near what she dubbed “Ground Zero”.